Crich Heritage Partnership




Crich Heritage Partnership


1. Name
1.1 The name will be "Crich Heritage Partnership"

2. Objects
2.1. The objects of the group are: -
2.1.1to identify those features of the natural and man made environment in Crich Parish which represent its heritage, which shaped its history and provide evidence of its development;
2.1.2 to consider which of these features merit conservation and which can be conserved with reasonable expenditure of effort and funds likely to be acquired for the purpose;
2.1.3 to consult with parishioners in order to construct an oral history of the parish and to secure their participation and commitment to any conservation programme proposed
2.1.4 to plan, design and execute conservation projects and to secure the funds necessary for their successful completion;
2.1.5 to write and publish brief explanatory documents and other educational materials relating to each project for use by parishioners, schools, local museums and visitors to the parish;
2.1.6 to educate and inform members, parishioners and other interested people about Crich's heritage and the work of the group.
2.2. The group shall use its funds and the efforts of its members to promote the objects of the Crich Heritage Partnership.

3. Annual General Meeting
3.1 An annual general meeting of the group shall be held in January each year or as soon as practicable thereafter; notice of which must be given to all members no less than one week prior.
3.2 The committee shall present accounts and a report for the preceding year at the Annual General Meeting.

4. Committee
4.1 The group shall have a committee, consisting of a convenor, secretary and treasurer (who shall be over the age of 18 years) and up to four other members.
4.2 The Committee shall be elected annually by vote of all the members of the group at an annual general meeting.
4.3 The Committee may co-opt additional members as it deems appropriate, subject to requirement that the number of co-opted members is less than the number of elected members of the committee.
4.4 The committee will meet as necessary to progress the work of the group. Meetings of the committee may be called by the convenor, or by any other two members of the committee.
4.5 General meetings of the group may be called by the committee or by request from five ordinary members of the group.

5. Powers
5.1 The committee shall have power: To raise funds, invite and receive contributions and levy annual subscriptions from the group's members
5.1.2 to use the funds of the group and the efforts of its members to promote the objects of the Crich Heritage Partnership.

6. Membership
6.1 Membership of the group is open to:
6.1.1 All individuals resident in or with a personal connection to Crich Parish who have paid an annual subscription laid down by the committee; and
6.1.2 Any organisation, which is interested in furthering the objects of the group and is based in, or has a connection to, Crich Parish and has paid any annual subscription, laid down by the committee.
6.2 Every member shall have one vote.
6.3 Each member organisation shall appoint an individual to represent it and vote on its behalf at meetings.

7. Receipts and expenditure
7.1The funds of the group shall be paid into an account operated by the committee in the name of the group at a bank or building society as the committee from time to time decides.
7.2 All payments made from the account shall be authorized by the committee and signed by at least two members of the committee.

8. Remuneration
8.1All assets of the group shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its objects
8.2 No member of the committee shall receive remuneration for their position or work for the group except the refund of expenses validly incurred where these are approved by the committee.

9. Alterations of the constitution
9.1 Subject to the following provisions, the constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by no less than two thirds of the members present and voting at a general meeting. Notice of the general meeting must include notice of the resolution and the terms of the alteration proposed.
9.2 No amendment may be made to clauses 8 and 10 (Concerning remuneration and Dissolution) or this clause 9.

10. Dissolution
If the committee decides it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the group, notice (including the terms of the resolution to be proposed) of which must be given to all members no less than three weeks prior to the general meeting. If the proposal is agreed by a two thirds majority of those present and voting, the committee shall transfer the assets of the group, after satisfaction of any debts or liabilities, to such other local organisation having objects similar to the group as the members may determine, or failing that shall be applied for some other charitable purpose.